Get along, li’l dogies

So we’ve moved to the country – at last. Got fed up with the continuous noise of traffic, no starry nights, adverts, adverts, adverts….
OK – smell of pigs in some wind directions, but we love to eat bacon (eco only, of course) so we should pay for our sins, it’s only meet and right so to do.
Peace of mind. People that wave to you (even talk to you) on the street or from their cars, without knowing you from Adam. Or is it just that news of newcomers travels fast in a small community?
Autumn coming, trees changing hues, fields being ploughed and harrowed – the nearest just outside my study window. Birds everywhere: sparrows always excitedly chattering their latest news, magpies showing off their natty plumage, tits and jackdaws, all so close.
The occasional car – or more often tractor – on the road to the next village. Nearest villages all over 10 km away. A few buses, sometimes, mostly to bring pupils to the school centre. As we haven’t owned a car for over 10 years, we are doing without one now without any great qualms.
Quietness to play music or just appreciate the luxury of being alive and at peace. Books, books, books.
Walking in the countryside. Marvellous.

Autumn halistorm

We plough the fields and scatter …


One response to “Get along, li’l dogies

  1. Hi Robin
    I wonder how you are since our last contact, I met Dave Wilson who teamed up with me as you know to run Moonrakers at Lyneham. We met at his Millfield gliding site where I had a 2 seater flight. Sadly Dave passed away in July 2015.
    I’ll be pleased to hear from you if you.receive this message.

    Tom Docherty

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